Delray TLB 11.24.15

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Product Spotlight
  • Available from Delray Lighting, Inc.

    Pendant or semi-recessed, Delray’s Kone3 fixtures provide upper zone glow with no wall scallops, combined with an effective downlight. Opal and clear glass elements provide a modern, clean lined appearance. 120-degree beam Cree LMH modules are available in 21W/2000 and 31W/3000 Lumens, with... Read More
  • Available from LF Illumination LLC

    The PIAZZA Track Head is a flat, square-shaped LED fixture with either a 21W LED array on the small head or 46W LED array on the large version. The flat head is adjustable from 0° to 90° tilt with 360°+ of rotation. The head design incorporates an integral heat sink along the back side. Read More
  • Available from Magnaray® International

    Patio Lighting Applications: -Outdoor Porch, Ceiling and Walkway Lighting -Floodlighting – Homes, Offices, Shopping Centers -Security Lighting – Apartments, Condos, Marinas -Even Illumination of Long Driveways, Parking Areas Read More
Top Companies
  • Delray, Lighting Inc. is a manufacturer of energy efficient retrofit and new construction commercial lighting fixtures, including: strip lights, downlights, big lights, pendants, cylinders and pendant & wall mount RLM. Read More
  • LF ILLUMINATION LLC is the brainchild of some of the greatest minds in architectural lighting. The company has leveraged relationships forged in architectural lighting over the past 45 years between manufacturers, fixture designers, marketeers, and specifiers. The team responsible for LF... Read More
  • Magnaray® International provides the highest quality exterior lighting products made today, with a 5 year warranty (abuse, lamp excepted), and normally 25 year useful life. Our products are used for street lighting, area lighting, security lighting, landscape lighting, volleyball court lighting,... Read More
  • Acclaim Lighting, an established worldwide provider of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions for the architectural and entertainment lighting markets. Our high performance controller units and superior quality make our products the ideal choice for architectural lighting as well as... Read More