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Solar Powered LED Landscape Series (LMF)

Solar Powered LED Landscape Series (LMF)

Available from SolarOne Solutions

The Landscape Series is a great solution for providing flag, sign and monument solar powered lighting almost anywhere. These stand alone systems eliminate the need for trenching to distant or hard to reach locations. Available with a narrow beam pattern suitable for flag and accent lighting... Read More

Academic O6A Series Classroom Lighting

Academic O6A Series Classroom Lighting

Available from Metalumen Mfg. Inc.

The Academic O6A Series is a direct/indirect luminaire reminiscent of the old school baffle fixture, a formed steel center ballast channel and integrated dieformed steel baffles that delivers lighting efficiencies up to 92%. Its universal product design allows fixtures to be placed in a... Read More



Available from Energetic Lighting

Overview: Energetic Lighting’s ELYRTD3SR LED retrofit troffer kit is a low cost, time-saving alternative to complete fixture replacement for customers looking to upgrade their existing fluorescent luminaires with today’s innovative and energy saving LED solutions. Access above the drop ceiling... Read More

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Dabmar Lighting

Dabmar Lighting was founded in 1990 by Dan Davidson. Dan — initially an experienced and successful electrical contractor — began his visionary journey in the lighting industry by providing new, uniquely designed, energy efficient lighting fixtures to the California marketplace. Twenty-one years... Read More

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