Garden Light LED

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Tampa, FL 33634

About Garden Light LED

Garden Light LEDs low voltage LED lighting technology enables the landscape lighting professional to create distinctive portraits of light that Wow on-lookers and Thrill home and business owners. Offering energy savings of up to 80%, amazing installation flexibility and unprecedented safety even in damp conditions, Garden Light LEDs premium-grade products are engineered to meet the expectations of the most discerning consumer.

Garden Light LEDs is driven to produce premium-grade landscape lighting products. We are committed to using only high-grade metals and optics, precision manufacturing techniques such as CNC machining, industry-leading LED technology, and carefully engineered drivers. Our engineering team is focused on designing superior products and our Quality Assurance procedures demand excellence.

We value relationships: between employees, customers, vendors or home-owners. We are committed to developing long-term relationships in every aspect of our business.

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