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LED Single Color Strip Lights

Commercial grade Single-Color LED strip light is the perfect way to illuminate for retail displays, under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, shelf lighting, pool lighting, deck lighting, landscape lighting, and more. Read More

LED Color Changing Strip Lights

Our commercial-grade Color-Changing LED strip light is the perfect way to illuminate for trade show display, under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, shelf lighting, pool lighting, deck lighting, landscape lighting, and more. It allows our customers to have full control of the LED colors. Users... Read More

LED Color Chasing Strip Lights

Commercial Grade Color Chasing LED strip lights to provide colorful illumination for under-cabinet lighting, exhibit lighting, display lighting, trade show lighting, pool lighting, home theater lighting, architectural lighting, deck lighting, and many more. LED Controllers are available with... Read More

LED Aluminum Channels

LED Aluminum Channel, also known as the LED profile or LED housings, are guides or extrusions designed to provide a modern, clean, and finished look for LED strip lighting installation. Creating customized fixtures with your choice of LED Channel style and LED Strip Light is easy. We offer a... Read More

LED Flexible Neon Lights

Step 1 Dezigns LED Neon Flex Lights are versatile, flexible, rugged, and engineered for the most robust environments. It looks similar to the traditional glass neon which is costly, fragile, and dangerous when it breaks. Instead of the glass tubing, the flexible and rugged housing is made with... Read More

LED Linear Light Bars

Rigid LED Linear Light Bars are available in the dust-proof aluminum housing with built-in LED PCB. Our energy-efficient LED Linear Light Bars are ultra low profile design and it is perfect for use in various commercial applications such as under-cabinet lighting, under-shelf lighting, display... Read More

LED Display Arms Lights

Illuminate your trade show booth or exhibit display with our superior quality LED display arm lights. Our lines of LED Display Arm Lights are engineered for easy installation and to provide high lumen outputs without any hot spots. It is the ultimate solution for exhibition, trade show booth,... Read More

LED Magclip Rail Lights

LED MAGCLIP Rail Lighting system is the ultimate lighting solution for under cabinet, cove, display, closet, and creative indoor lighting applications. The LED MAGCLIP Linear Lights are low profile, energy-efficient, easy to install, and continuous illumination. It is surface mounted onto the... Read More

LED Display Case Spot Lights

Check out Step 1 Dezigns wide variety of retail LED Display Case Spotlighting fixtures such as jewelry showcase lights, display case spotlights, energy-efficient LED. It is efficiently placed LED lights to enhance visual merchandising and ultimately leads to great customer experience and... Read More

LED Modules

LED Sign Modules, LED LumaStrips, LED Ladders, and LED Cube lights are to use in signage, graphic lightboxes, and other backlighting applications when even lighting distribution is required. Step 1 Dezigns commercial grade LED module light systems are energy efficient, easy to install, and... Read More

LED Ladder Lights

The Ladder LED Backlight is our latest industry-leading backlighting technology. It is powerful, efficient and affordable. Combined with the most advanced LED technology and versatility, they are the perfect lighting solution for illuminated signs, SEG backlit fabric displays, and general... Read More

LED Light Sheets

LED Grid Panels and Flexible Light Sheets can be used where evenly distributed lighting output is required. For example, backlit large scale fabric displays, lightboxes, menu boards, under-counter, and countertop lighting or wherever a cool to the touch, the non-UV light source is... Read More

LED Panel Lights

The LED Flat Panel Lights are ideal for any retail displays lighting applications, it can be used to backlight graphics and signage. It can also be used to replace fluorescent light fixtures. These lights will fit perfectly into ceilings or walls with bright and even lighting distribution;... Read More

LED Recessed Downlights

LED Downlight fixtures are recessed in the ceiling to shine down. It is also called "pot lights" or "can lights". Our retrofit recessed LED downlights can be easily installed into existing fixtures by screwing an LED module adapter into the original light socket. Our LED lights are low heat and... Read More

LED Puck and Under Cabinet Lights

Our series of surface or recess mounted LED puck and under-cabinet lights are easy to install, reliable, and energy-efficient solutions for many projects. Use our LED puck and recessed lights to create downlighting solutions for any size application. It is available in various lumen outputs,... Read More

LED Track Lights

Reduce electricity costs with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED track lighting designs. Find a new bright track-style lighting solution from our large selection of fixtures, heads, and all-in-one track lighting kits. If you prefer a quick and more convenient installation, take advantage of... Read More

LED High Bay Lights

Earlier generations of LED Lights were not able to illuminate a comparable amount of light to traditional lighting fixtures. Typically, LED High bay lights are used with ceiling heights of 20 to 40 feet. The LED high bays are instant-on without any light flickering or warm-up period making them... Read More

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