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About SEBCO Industries, Inc.

For the past 35 years, SEBCO has been supplying the lighting industry with quality, American made low voltage lighting transformers. As LED's continue to gain popularity, SEBCO continues to stay one step ahead by offering dimmable LED Drivers. Whether you need a transformer, ballast, power supply, or driver, SEBCO is your one stop shop. We are ready to help!

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Products by SEBCO Industries, Inc.

By SEBCO Industries, Inc.

SEBCO has been supplying the lighting industry with Quality, American-Made magnetic transformers for over 30 years. To get a complete list of all the magnetic and electronic transformers that we offer, please use the drop down menu underneath "Transformers" above to access all of the numerous... Read more »

By SEBCO Industries, Inc.

As LED's continue to grow more popular in every lighting application, SEBCO has taken the lead in offering many Magnetic and Electronic drivers for almost every situation. Use the drop down menu above under LED to discover all the Dimmable and Non-Dimmable options SEBCO can offer. Read more »

By SEBCO Industries, Inc.

SEBCO supplies a wide variety of Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts. The wattage options can be found in the drop down menu underneath "Ballast." Read more »