Compulite Systems (2000) ltd

9 Hanagar Street Neve Ne'eman B Industrial Zone
Hod Hasharon, 4501310

About Compulite Systems (2000) ltd

Compulite is a recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of lighting control consoles and other equipment for the entertainment industry. Compulite has worked to redefine the language of stage lighting control with the introduction of new and innovative products.

Compulite products include: lighting control consoles; Vibe, Vibe M, Vector Red, Blue, Violet & Ultra Violet, Black & Ultra Black; Dlite 96, 72, 48 & 20; Dimming Systems, CompuDim2, CompuRack & CompuPack; Yokes, Nova & Luna; Dousers – Corona XL, L, M & S; Color Changers – Whisper; DMX-512 distribution equipment and Network accessories. Compulite's mission is to provide control solutions to creative professionals.

Competitors of Compulite Systems (2000) ltd

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