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About Lambda Research Corporation

Lambda Researc Corporation manufactures TracePro, a 3D virtual software program for designing architectural lighting products. TracePro has a 3D CAD engine for creating lighting geometry, a full library of bulbs and LEDs and surface properties catalogs for modeling today's troffers and luminaires. TracePro is based on the ACIS CAD engine providing unparalled support for almost all CAD products. The program lets you modify designs on the fly to create uniform, or user defined patterns on any interior or exterior surface.

From any TracePro model you can analyze:
Light distributions in illumination and imaging systems
Lumens exiting, absorbing, and incident at the component and system levels
Candela distributions
Optical efficiency, luminance and radiance metrics
Photorealistic rendering
Fluorescence effects of phosphors in LED based systems

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Products by Lambda Research Corporation

By Lambda Research Corporation

TracePro is a comprehensive, versatile software tool for modeling the propagation of light in day lighting, sunlight redirection and solar simulation of structures and rooms. Use the built-in CAD interface to create any interior or exterior scene or import the scene from almost any CAD system.... Read more »

By Lambda Research Corporation

LITESTAR 4D is a free full suite of software designed to create photo-rendered images of any interior or exterior building scene. This easy to use software assists you in every phase of your lighting project from concept to design including marketing and management. LITESTAR 4D creates complete... Read more »