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February 2013 - Innovative technologies, continuous investments in Research and Developments of new products and cutting-edge materials as well as our capability to provide our customers with a "From Project to Object" Full Optical Service, have made KHATOD the front line producer in the LED Lighting industry evolution.

Nevertheless, Khatod is strictly connected with the market requirements and is always focused on the continuous evolution of LED Lighting applications. We know very well that t he bottom line, for a great part of LED Lighting users, is cost and speed to market without renouncing to high quality as well as to their creativity.

The newest MODULARIS OPTICAL SYSTEM from Khatod is just turning to those individuals looking for an immediate optical solution for their lighting applications while feeling sure to rely on the best in technology and the most cost-effective in price.

A totally new-concept product. All you need to cover your lighting requirements is available in one single immediate solution: MODULARIS OPTICAL SYSTEM . Its name recalls the typical modular structure: a modular system made of a holder provided with holes able to accommodate diverse lenses or reflectors.

The holders are available in different configurations and shapes for the housing of lenses or round reflectors.   Circular Holders: from 1 to 3-4-7-9-12 housings; Square Holder : 9 housings ; Rectangular Holder : 6 housings;   Linear Holder : 6 housings.

The holders as well as the lenses and the reflectors are designed in order to fit most of the major LEDs now available from the market. The holders combined with this new series of lenses - available in narrow, medium, wide, super-wide and elliptical beams -   or with this new range of reflectors - currently available in 80° -   allow to create countless different configurations perfectly meeting the lighting requirements of the most popular LEDs.

MODULARIS is your on-hand-solution : you are given the opportunity to build up your own lighting applications by simply choosing the holder, the lenses or the reflectors that best fit your final application. That's all!     

Just one range of lenses combined with diverse holders enable you to realize thousands lighting designs and patterns,   easily and quickly.

Each module – Holder+Lenses or   Holder+Reflectors - offers a "plug-and-play" functionality whereby MODULARIS is ready for use within seconds. Your big plus: you can increase the economic efficiency of your lighting application and   make the most out of your investment.

MODULARIS covers virtually all kinds of general lighting applications ; enables to rea lize a great variety of patterns and choose the lighting performance you need.

Khatod is delivering one of the most efficient solutions for those individuals who are looking for the easiest in usability, the most cost effective in optical solutions, the quickest in time to market.

MODULARIS OPTICAL SYSTEM's big plus is great flexibility. MODULARIS can be configured to meet your lighting needs and offers a huge variety of applications in Lighting.  

                                  MODULARIS OPTICAL SYSTEMS


                                             Choose the HOLDER


                                 house the LENSES or the REFLECTORS


                         The job is done! Your optical system is ready to use!   


The full range of MODULARIS OPTICAL SYSTEM can be viewed online at:,0,0,28,0   : Modularis for Lenses,0,0,29,0   : Modularis for Reflectors


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