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For around thirty years Khatod has been dedicating its expertise to the LED Industry, delivering more and more innovations in secondary optics and optical systems specific for any LED applications.

Khatod lenses have made the mark in the LED Industry : innovative Optical Systems for any applications in WAL, a wide range of high technical optics for SSL applications, a proven capability to develop custom optics and a huge choice of optoelectronic components, make Khatod's engineering team one of the most knowledgeable in the industry, able to confront   the most demanding requirements in Lighting.

New ideas as well as investments in new projects have been Khatod's philosophy since ever.

We firmly believe that   only   continuous research and development enable to meet the most demanding requirements from LED Industry.

Khatod's revolution in lensing never stops and meets a new challenge by unveiling the most innovative Ultra Clear Silicone Optic for High Brightness LEDs   and COB LEDs.

This new optical solution from Khatod -   PL50SIL - TIR ( Total Internal   Reflection)   lens,   MR16,   Ø 50mm - is engineered to meet the typical requirements of   High Brightness LEDs which achieve very high temperatures, often resulting in important   strainconventional polymers such as PMMI, PMMA and PC.

Silicone is much more resistant to high temperatures and considerably reduces the yellowing effect,   so making PL50SIL perfect for the outdoor applications. No extra protection, as for example glass in case of head-pole, and no gasket for IP insulation are needed.

Thanks to the most cutting-edge engineering and the advanced technologies developed by Khatod R&D Team, the typical properties of Silicone have not only been totally transferred but even boosted in the realization process of the latest PL50SIL from Khatod. 

Silicone, as an isotropic material, provides PL50SIL with high flexibility which allows an easy fit as well as a perfect compensation for the construction mechanical tolerances typical of the final application.

New optical techniques allowing to sharpen extreme angles and elaborate specific geometries have been developed in order to make this innovative lens   able to achieve a superior optical refractive index, while delivering an optical performance level perfectly complying with the optical efficiency requirements posed by the HB LEDs of latest generation.

Continuous research and experimentation together with the great expertise in lensing , have led Khatod to work out a totally new transformation process in the production cycle.

The core of the project is in the moulding process. By its nature, silicone is moulded cool resulting in a shorter manufacturing cycle. The optical geometry being equal, the manufacturing cycle of a lens made of silicone is considerably reduced than the one of a lens made of conventional polymers.

Cooling time takes up over 50% of cycle time and   starts once the injection phase is finished : the hotter the melted plastics, the longer the cooling time, and the thicker the part produced, the longer the cooling time,   resulting in some issues typical of this process.

Instead, when using Silicone,   being the material in liquid form, it is injected cold, resulting in significantly reduced moulding process time.

However, cold   injection moulding process needs a specific equipment, totally different from the traditional systems : tooling must be accurate to one hundredth of a millimeter, and the mixing process conditions must be created perfect in order to meet the typical requirements of the silicone   selected.

But what makes the Ultra Clear Silicone Lens from Khatod exclusive, is   the injection system: Khatod engineers have managed to use high innovative technologies never applied to the injection process before.   Such a success is not for everyone but only for those who are always at the forefront of research and development.

 Khatod optical solutions have made the mark in the ever-evolving LED Industry, and will never stop. Now more than ever, Khatod is investing its best engineering and economical efforts in new projects including not only innovative products such as PL50SIL, but also the development of cutting-edge technologies customized by Khatod's engineers, in order to realize high technical optics for the most advanced specifications of the LED Industry.


   ·          TIR   MR16   Ø 50mm Lens for High Brightness LEDs on COBs - made of Ultra Clear Silicone

·          Innovative design

·          Excellent transparency; Low absorption of light

·          High   lighting efficiency

·          Excellent luminous flux

·          No birefringence

·          No extra protection, as for example glass in case of head-pole,

and no gasket for IP insulation are needed.

·          UV-resistant; Non yellowing effect

·          High temperature resistant;+ High thermal stability

·          High flexibility even at low temperatures

·          Micro –Crack resistant also under harsh environmental conditions

·          Totally new   manufacturing   process

·          Easy fixing system to the PCB

·          No vibration problems

·          Complying with UL94 Specifications

·          Patent pending

Typical Applications : 

Any applications, Outdoor and Indoor :   No need for extra protection; No need for gasket for IP insulation. The properties of the Silicone rubber are definitively transferred into these new silicone lenses: high flexibility, excellent resistance to high temperatures make these lenses suitable for any applications:

·          Wall Washing        

·          Architectural lighting

·          Lamps

·          Parking Areas, Petrol & Service Stations, Gardens, Pathways, Canopies, etc.

·          Outlets & Shop Centers, Offices, Elevators, Shop Windows, etc.

With Khatod, the most advanced in technology and the most competitive on the market are achieved. 

About Khatod Optoelectronic:

Khatod lenses have made the mark in the LED Industry for over 25 years. Unique on the international scene,   Khatod holds all of its operations in-house (Milan, Italy):   a complete service that combines all of the manufacturing processes, from initial design to time to market. Khatod delivers innovative Optical Systems for any application in WAL, a wide range of high technical optics for SSL applications, a proven capability to develop custom optics and a huge choice of optoelectronic components.


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