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Crystal chandeliers these days, many mansions and bungalows alike have excellent pieces, as it has become a necessity to decorate homes with some sophisticated and attractive. This type of decoration helps to improve the aesthetic looks and overall quality of your room. This is one of the main reasons why we offer crystal chandeliers on our website. They can change your room completely to appear more attractive and elegant and make it practical in the terms of perfect lighting. These days, many people get attracted towards crystal chandeliers generally due to its magnificence and exquisiteness which is related with wealth or royalty. This is why many people tend to choose this kind of chandeliers to decorate their homes.

Even though we have wide variety of modern chandeliers, crystal chandeliers are being considered as one of the most famous and the most expensive pieces available in the market. Purchasing illumine object can be similar to purchasing gold or a diamond. Not all crystal is being created equally as they are hand-cut, machine-cut or molded. Normally, our crystal chandeliers can be purchased in four different qualities which include strass crystal, Italian crystal, Swarovski spectra crystal and regal crystal. If we take strass crystal, for instance, then it is being considered as one of the finest crystals available in the world. This type of crystal is being treated with a coating that is invisible that reduces dust attraction making it easy to maintain and clean.

Polishing and cutting is also done perfectly by machine in order to get perfect optical transparency. So, many strass of different type that are totally free of any errors, clear as spring water and exceptional in brilliance and purity. However, if we speak about Italian crystal, they are popularly known as the Venetian crystal which is particularly molded and not hand-cut or machine-cut. If you take a closer look at our Italian crystal chandeliers you will come across a rounding edge which has been created from fire polishing. Even though this type of crystal is not as perfect as cut crystal but have a unique value and subtle attraction that can create an outstanding touch to your room. This type of crystal is frequently used to heavily dress modern day chandeliers.

By the way, due to the advanced technology, there are excellent alternatives of crystal known as Swarovski Spectra Crystal. Actually, this technology has been adapted from the Swarovski Company, the creators of this brilliant crystal. They had the knowledge of producing this kind of crystal with superior light reflection and precision cutting was needed. And now we too offer these types of chandeliers that are specifically designed for those people who appreciate and acknowledge the craftsmanship.

Some of these chandelier crystals are being created by accuracy cutting sources from countries like Turkey, Egypt, Czech Republic and Austria. Lastly, regal crystals are hand-cut crystals which are polished with marble dust on a wooden wheel. It is usually cut in two different stages, first in an iron and later on the sandstone wheel. These methods for cutting the regal crystals go back for centuries. It is a method of accuracy where every single piece of crystal is an original and exceptional masterpiece.

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