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About LED Neon Lighting

LED Neon®-Flex was designed specifically to produce high-quality neon light essential for 21st century neon lighting applications. This new light source has the potential to reduce energy consumption while delivering substantially greater lighting functionality and an unrivaled light quality.

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Dabmar Lighting

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LED Light Panel

Our LED Light Panels enable architects and lighting designers to combine translucent surfaces with expert crafted back lighting technologies creating distinct features that transcend the ordinary. Backlit translucent surfaces form elements for interior feature walls, ceilings, floors, columns,... Read More


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Products by LED Neon Lighting

By LED Neon Lighting

+ Plus has been engineered to achieve a lumen efficacy of 36.1Lm/w and 63Lm/Ft. LED Neon-Flex™ for the first time can now be viewed as direct replacement to traditional glass Neon. The increased lumen output is a direct result of using high quality materials, high brightness LEDs coupled with... Read more »

By LED Neon Lighting

Professional LED Neon Flex™ uses higher grade Ultra Bright LEDs that are uniform in wavelength by +/- 5nm. The outer PVC jacket constructed of two PVC layers enhances the optical effect producing greater light efficiency. LED Neon Flex™ Professional maintains color stability while delivering... Read more »

By LED Neon Lighting

Super-Thin - Super-Bright - Super-Flexible Ultra-Thin LED Neon-Flex™ is above and beyond! No bend radius from left to right, you can bend the Ultra-Thin as tight as you like! LED Neon-Flex™ Ultra-Thin delivers all the features and benefits of LED Neon Flex™ with a smaller form to facilitate... Read more »

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