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NWI explains the impact of important agency compliance changes

OSCEOLA, WI.  – June 1, 2015 – Cable engineering company, Northwire, Inc., (NWI), keeps customers and partners informed on the constant evolution of agency compliance, environmental directives and technical specifications.  Recently, Underwriter’s Laboratories made physical property additions to UL 758, the Standard for Appliance Wiring Materials.  These detailed UL 758 revisions generated hundreds of pages of valuable technical information, and the potential impact encompasses millions of design engineers, products developers and purchasing professionals.  For convenience, Northwire details the most salient elements in a clear and concise question and answer structure for ease of understanding:

1. Brief History:  How did UL 758 gain prevalence?

In summary, “UL 758 was developed to consolidate requirements.  Over the 40 years the category has been in existence, many people have had different interpretations of how to evaluate the wire.  These procedures evolved over time…UL 758 was formed so that all customers and users of AWM were aware of the test protocol and requirements, and to maintain consistency,” according to Underwriter’s Laboratories.  Contemporarily, in 2013, UL 758 was recognized as the  global  standard.

“Featuring over 6,000 AWM Styles throughout the 40 year history of UL 758, Northwire has been integral to connectivity in the earliest factory installations to the most contemporary state of the art facilities today,” explains Dionne CaPuzzi, Agency Compliance Technician.

2. Then vs. Now:  How will UL 758 remain the same?  What is the major change to UL 758?

Despite a proposal for the elimination of style pages, after soliciting internal and external key stakeholders, UL “determined that style pages provide unique identifiers for individual AWM constructions” and will remain in play.  The main game changer is the additional physical property requirements, especially high-temperature.

3. What is the impact of the physical property additions to Appliance Wiring Material?

The new additions will help to ensure that Appliance Wiring Material is held to the same level of stringency and requirements as many other UL listed types such as Flexible Cords. This allows Northwire to design and manufacture wire and cables that will perform exceptionally well in demanding environments while maintaining compliance that meets requirements for multiple approvals. 

4. Agency Compliance:  Why is UL 758 related to UL 1581, UL 2556 and CSA?

The common thread is the UL Recognized AWM jacket styles are obligated to meet physical property requirements that can be found in UL 758 by using detailed instructions from UL 1581 and UL 2556, which are the governing test method standards recognized by both UL and CSA.  This includes the advanced ratings for Multi-conductor TPU jacketed cables with ratings of 90⁰C and 105⁰C, and for voltages of 30, 150, 300, 600, and 1000V. They also comply with UL 758 Appliance Wiring Material requirements by being in accordance with the UL 1581 Section 1061 Cable Flame Test, and can also meet the CSA FT1 flame test requirements listed in CSA 210-11, which is Canada’s own Appliance Wiring Material standard. 

5. Test Protocols:  Which properties are tested? 

  • Northwire validated dozens of protocols at UL and CSA
  • Dynamic temperature range of -60⁰C to 105⁰C
  • Flame resistance to UL 1581 Section 1061, VW-1, FT1 and FT2
  • Resistance to oil, sunlight/UV and ozone

6. Unique Differentiators:  What are the advantages of Northwire’s AWM recognized UL and CSA cable products and offerings?

To start, AWM establishes requirements and test protocols ensuring consistency and safety.  Featuring signal, control, power and instrumentation, Northwire’s versatile construction options and wide selection of conductor sizes ranging from 30V to 1,000V meet a host of standard and custom configuration needs.  Northwire’s AWM approvals are ideally suited for a dynamic range of use in factory installations and diverse series of electrical components and offer a variety of insulation and jacket materials.  Northwire’s AWM required, UL recognized, and CSA certified cable solutions are also approved for CE Mark in end products. 

Northwire is committed to proactively developing cable products that meet the evolving demands of agency standards and environmental compliance.  Learn more about Research and Development projects at Northwire by contacting 800.468.1516, [email protected], or through Live Chat.

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