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About DimOnOff Inc

Manufacturer of Wireless distributed lighting control and automation

Perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting control and automation in new and retrofit environments.

A substantial difference in cost and simplicity

No need to layout costly automation wires to install a lighting control & automation system. No need for Central control panels & routers.

Dimonoff® products can optimize your existing electric network in a quick, non-invasive and non-disruptive way.

Simply distribute relays at the loads, add remote controls & sensors anywhere you'd like, and the system becomes a network of addressable modules using wireless (PLC and/or radio) communication.

You consider a lighting control and automation system as an investment, and Dimonoff® solutions will give you a better return than any other lighting control system.

Simplicity & low-cost of installation
Flexibility to configure elements of the system.
Groups & Scenarios, Scheduling
Conditional Scheduling

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Products by DimOnOff Inc

By DimOnOff Inc

The INT-ADR-XB is a compact interface to add addressability, digital and analog inputs and intelligence to standard power pack / relays modules. It communicates wirelessly using a 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial Scientific and Medical) radio signal. Read more »