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  • OmniCure AC Series Optical Adapters

    OmniCure® offers a selection of adapters customized for use with the OmniCure AC Series of high power LED UV curing systems to address a wider range of applications. Attaching to the front face of the OmniCure LED UV systems, the AC Optical Adapters convert a smaller area of high output power... Read More
  • OmniCure AC2 LED Small-Area UV Curing System

    OmniCure® AC2 Series offers compact, air-cooled LED UV curing systems for small-area applications. With advanced front-end optics, the AC275 and AC2110 systems deliver over 2.5 W/cm2 peak irradiance with exceptional uniformity. Our patented process for individually addressing each UV LED module... Read More
  • OmniCure AC4 LED Small-Area UV Curing System

    mniCure® AC4 Series of air-cooled LED UV curing systems are designed with high output LEDs and custom optics to deliver high irradiance of over 8W/cm2 with exceptional uniformity at long working distances. Consisting of the OmniCure AC450, AC450P, AC475, AC475P, our AC4 Series utilizes our... Read More
  • OmniCure AC5 LED Small-Area UV Curing System

    OmniCure® AC5 Series of air-cooled LED UV systems are designed for small area curing. With advanced front-end optics, these high power UV curing systems deliver 14W/cm2 peak irradiance for fast, even curing. The Series includes the AC550, AC550P, AC575 and AC575P, with the P versions having... Read More
  • OmniCure AC7 LED Large-Area UV Curing System

    OmniCure® AC7 Series of air-cooled LED UV curing systems are suitable for large-area curing. Designed with high-output LEDs and custom optics, the AC7150 and AC7300 systems deliver over 5 W/cm2 peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity over the entire curing area. The AC7 Series provides high... Read More
  • OmniCure AC8 LED Large-Area UV Curing

    OmniCure® AC8 Series of air-cooled LED UV curing systems are designed to deliver over 8 W/cm2 peak irradiance with exceptional uniformity for even curing. The AC8150/P, AC8225/P and AC8300/P UV curing systems provide high longitudinal uniformity over the entire 150 mm (6") to 300 mm (12") curing... Read More
  • OmniCure AC8225-F+ and AC9225-F LED Fiber UV Curing System

    OmniCure® AC8225-F+ and AC9225-F LED UV curing systems are designed for fiber curing applications. Featuring a custom optical design to enhance output and optimize delivery of UV onto the fiber, the OmniCure AC8225-F+/AC9225-F provide an air-cooled, high output solution to meet the market demand... Read More
  • OmniCure AC8-HD LED High-Dose, Large-Area UV Curing Systems

    OmniCure® AC8150P-HD, AC8225P-HD and AC8300P-HD air-cooled, LED UV Curing Systems deliver an outstandingly high optical dose, bringing UV LED curing to the next level. The AC8-HD Series of products are designed with a patented technology that enables unbeatable uniformity of output across the... Read More
  • OmniCure AC9 LED Large-Area UV Curing System

    OmniCure® AC9 Series are high-power LED UV Curing Systems delivering over 14 W/cm2 peak irradiance for fast curing of inks, adhesives and coatings. Consisting of the AC9150, AC9150P, AC9225, AC9225P, AC9300 and AC9300P, the AC9 Series are high-performing, air-cooled solutions with a small... Read More
  • OmniCure CV300 Low-Volume Production Conveyor

    The OmniCure® CV300 is a versatile conveyor system designed to complement the OmniCure AC Series of high power LED UV curing systems and is suitable for production, laboratory and research and development applications. The CV300 can handle substrates up to 310 mm (12.2”) wide on its open mesh... Read More
  • OmniCure Lamp UV Curing Systems

    The OmniCure® S Series of Lamp Spot UV Curing Systems are used for precision adhesive curing of medical devices, electronics and optoelectronics. Due to the accuracy requirements and critical nature of these devices, a repeatable process with reliable UV curing equipment is essential for... Read More
  • OmniCure LED UV Curing Systems

    OmniCure LED UV Curing solutions offer both spot and area-curing UV curing systems for adhesives, coatings and inks. Consisting of the LX Series and AC Series, OmniCure high-power UV LED systems provide a selection of wavelengths, configurations and accessories to address a wide range of... Read More
  • OmniCure PLC2000 Programmable Controller

    OmniCure® PLC2000 programmable controller is designed to complement the OmniCure AC Series LED UV curing systems. When connected to an AC Series LED UV head, this multipurpose, external controller device allows you to intelligently manage, monitor and control an LED system. With unparalleled... Read More
  • OmniCure SC Series LED UV Power Supply Controller

    OmniCure® SC Series power supply controllers are tailored specifically for the OmniCure AC Series LED UV curing systems. Designed with application flexibility in mind, the SC Series offers a selection of system controllers to best meet the needs of a particular curing application. With a small... Read More
  • X-Cite 110LED Illumination System

    The X-Cite® 110LED is a compact, white light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. Providing excitation for DAPI, GFP, mCherry and Cy5 routine imaging, the X-Cite 110LED offers exceptional field uniformity through liquid light guide delivery. With manual, PC and TTL control,... Read More
  • X-Cite 120LED Boost High-Power LED Illumination System

    X-Cite® 120LED Boost is more powerful than ever and efficiently excites a greater range of fluorophores than the original X-Cite 120LED, with no compromise. Even the popular red fluorophores are no challenge for the X-Cite 120LED Boost. This LED illumination system offers superior optical power... Read More
  • X-Cite 120LEDmini LED Illumination System

    The X-Cite® 120LEDmini is a compact and simple to use white-light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. Through direct coupling, X-Cite 120LEDmini delivers superior LED illumination and exceptional field uniformity at the specimen level with the broadest spectrum of... Read More
  • X-Cite mini+ Compact, LED Illumination System

    The X-Cite mini+™ is the new go-to white-light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. High-power performance, compact size and economically priced, the X-Cite mini+ is the perfect choice for routine fluorescence imaging. Designed with the latest in LED technology, the X-Cite... Read More
  • X-Cite Turbo Multi-wavelength LED Illumination System

    The X-Cite® TURBO is a powerful, six-wavelength LaserLED Hybrid source for fluorescence excitation applications. Providing maximum excitation for up to six fluorophores using our patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive®, X-Cite TURBO offers a highly versatile solution for routine to advanced imaging... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae 6 Flexible Multi-Wavelength

    Based on a flexible LED module design with extensive wavelength multiplexing capabilities, the X-Cite VitaeTM 6 is multi-wavelength platform with high output power and efficient thermal management is available for maximum spectral breadth and stability. Systems can be customized with up to six... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae FOI Configurable Fiber Optic Illumination System

    The X-Cite VitaeTM FOI is a compact, configurable, white-light, LED light source for OEM medical applications such as endoscopy, surgical microscopy and headlamp systems. With high lumen and high CRI options, as well as a variety of coupling and control possibilities, the X-Cite Vitae FOI is a... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae LED Fiber Optic Illuminators

    Excelitas offers a range of innovative Fiber Optic Light Sources and components with unsurpassed light output and configurable options for ease of design and speed to market. These LED light sources are designed to couple high-intensity white light into fiber-optic bundles for applications such... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae vIR

    The X-Cite VitaeTM vIR is a versatile, high performance solid-state illumination system designed for high precision medical illumination and diagnostic applications such as endoscopy and surgical visualization. This high-brightness, white light source features high output power and is designed... Read More
  • X-Cite Vitae wL

    The X-Cite VitaeTM wL is a white light fluorescence illuminator with usable wavelength range from 370-700 nm catering to a wide range of popular fluorophores and fluorescent proteins, including strong excitation for the traditionally challenging wavelengths. Coupling options are through a liquid... Read More
  • X-Cite XLED1 Multi-Triggering LED Illumination System

    The award-winning X-Cite® XLED1 is a high-power LED light source designed to optimize fluorophore excitation with unmatched LED switching speeds. Its unique plug-and-play modularity allows the system to evolve alongside changing research applications, with easily interchangeable LED modules. Read More
  • X-Cite Xylis Broad Spectrum LED Illumination System

    X-Cite® XYLIS™ is a true arc lamp replacement for routine and advanced fluorescence imaging applications. It has the broadest spectrum available in a white light LED for fluorescence microscopy and rivals traditional arc lamps for brightness – making it ideal for both compound and... Read More
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