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Concorezzo (MB), 20863

About Aldabra srl

Aldabra is an innovative manufacturer of lighting fixtures with LED technology born in 2000 and based in Milan area.
All our products are 100% Made in Italy, exported worldwide and covered by international patent. Special attention is given to design and cutting edge solutions.

Competitors of Aldabra srl

Dabmar Lighting

Dabmar Lighting

Dabmar Lighting was founded in 1990 by Dan Davidson. Dan — initially an experienced and successful electrical contractor — began his visionary journey in the lighting industry by providing new, uniquely designed, energy efficient lighting fixtures to the California marketplace. Twenty-one years... Read More

LED Light Panel

Our LED Light Panels enable architects and lighting designers to combine translucent surfaces with expert crafted back lighting technologies creating distinct features that transcend the ordinary. Backlit translucent surfaces form elements for interior feature walls, ceilings, floors, columns,... Read More

Products by Aldabra srl

By Aldabra srl

The Rx is a new LED product patented by Aldabra. The direct installation on the ground (or on the wall) without the use of a recessed housing box, the high drive over rating and the resistance of the material used in the 316L stainless steel version, even in salty environments, are features... Read more »

By Aldabra srl

Snake is a reading light enhanced with LED technology that combines a playful design with a pleasant and soft-totouch material. The lamp is fully coated with non-toxic silicone. The head is made out of material which feels soft when touched. Its flexible arm bends in any direction, while the... Read more »

By Aldabra srl

Biss is a reading light enhanced with LED technology with a very low energy consumption (1W). The lamp is characterized by the flexibility of its arm, which is also soft-to-touch because fully coated with non-toxic washable silicone. The body and the base come in white, while the head and... Read more »