GVA Lighting, Inc.

3400 Ridgeway Drive, #14
Mississauga, ON L5L 0A2

About GVA Lighting, Inc.

GVA Lighting, Inc. designs and manufactures LED lighting systems for architectural and commercial applications. We are well known for our unique engineering designs and a high reliability of the products. Our INFINITY® technology allows creation of 300+ meter long lighting circuits for architectural delineation of skyscrapers, bridges, long coves in airports, shopping malls and schools. GVA is a market leader in higher voltage DC lighting for data centers.

Competitors of GVA Lighting, Inc.

LED Light Panel

Our LED Light Panels enable architects and lighting designers to combine translucent surfaces with expert crafted back lighting technologies creating distinct features that transcend the ordinary. Backlit translucent surfaces form elements for interior feature walls, ceilings, floors, columns,... Read More

Products by GVA Lighting, Inc.

By GVA Lighting, Inc.

The range of LED lighting products by GVA Lighting includes: LED strips, spots, beautification lighting, controls, power supplies and more. Read more »

By GVA Lighting, Inc.

FA-D is a wet location fluorescent luminaire designed for use in environments with high concentrations of moisture, dust, fumes and diluted acids. Typical applications include industrial buildings and factories, parking garages and livestock and poultry farming. FA-D luminaires are IP65,... Read more »

By GVA Lighting, Inc.

Pharos offers control solutions for entertainment and LED lighting installations. The Pharos LPC controller supports DMX and DALI color mixing fixtures and conventional dimmable fixtures. It outputs to DMX and a range of Ethernet control protocols. The LPC can be programmed and simulated on a PC... Read more »