Edison Price Lighting Premieres its “Go-To” Fixture

Press Release from Edison Price Lighting

Long Island City, NY, December 15, 2014: Edison Price Lighting debuts its newest family of recessed LEDs: LEDCLW s.  

Powered by Cree’s WhiteLight flat lens module, the LEDCLW product line includes wide-distribution downlights and lensed wallwashers. Emma Price, president of Edison Price Lighting, explains that the new 4” and 5” aperture LEDCLW s“raise the bar for what specification-grade luminaires should be.”

Consider the numbers: LEDCLW s featurea remarkable 92 CRI throughout, with ample choices of color temperature (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K), light output (850, 1250, 2000, or 3000 lumens), and dimming capability (5% standard and 1% optional).

LEDCLW downlights provide efficacies as high as 63 lumens/watt with a 40° shielding angle and minimal aperture brightness .

LEDCLW wallwashers embody the Edison Price Lighting tradition of wallwashing excellence: uniform ceiling-to-floor illumination provided by a unique internal reflector and a proprietary 40°   x 70°   lens.  

Emma has nicknamed the LEDCLW the “go-to” fixture. Citing the fixture’s durability, reliability, cost competitiveness, and optical precision, Emma describes the LEDCLW as a “reliable stand-by for every type of project.”

Edison Price Lighting designs and manufactures optically precise downlights, accent lights and wallwashers , powered by LEDs and other light sources. Our complete product line includes recessed fixtures, track lighting systems and wall grazing systems.

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