LEDdynamics, Inc. 

296 Beanville Road
Randolph, VT 05060

About LEDdynamics, Inc. 

LEDdynamics specializes in advanced lighting and controls tailored for challenging applications. The company's products reach the market through various channels: equipping other lighting OEMs with key technology and LUXdrive branded products, engaging in direct-to-consumer transactions via LEDsupply, and offering fixtures, custom lighting, and circadian lighting under our Prolume brand. A key differentiator is LEDdynamics' patented technology, PERFEKTLight®, which facilitates circadian entrainment specifically designed for eldercare residents.

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Products by LEDdynamics, Inc. 

By LEDdynamics, Inc. 

Introducing LuxDrive™ N009 series BuckTitan LED power modules, designed for high-output current applications within the range of 1500mA to 3A. Built for durability and convenience, the fully potted BuckTitan ensures resilience against environmental factors. Select between six-inch 18AWG colored... Read more »

By LEDdynamics, Inc. 

Introducing the LUXdrive™ 0N012 LUXshift Dim-to-Warm LED Strip, a cutting-edge 24VDC light solution. It seamlessly transitions color temperature via a single 0-10V input, smoothly shifting from a cool 6500K to a warm and inviting 2700K. This replicates the natural dimming of incandescent or... Read more »