Announcing ElumTools™ 2014

Press Release from Lighting Analysts Inc

Littleton, Colorado, USA – May 8, 2013

Lighting Analysts, Inc., a world leader in lighting design and calculation software is pleased to announce the availability of ElumTools 2014, the latest generation of our software add-in for Autodesk® Revit®. ElumTools 2014 is specifically designed for Revit® 2014.

ElumTools 2014 contains the ground breaking new Layout Assistant capability developed to assist users in placing Luminaires (lighting fixtures) accurately within their Revit projects. The Layout Assistant will eliminate the guesswork in initially placing lighting fixtures, which often must be repositioned after calculated results are known. Using the new Layout Assistant within ElumTools, users can accurately predict the quantity of luminaires required to meet a specific light level or power density within any Revit Room or Space. The Layout Assistant will produce possible luminaire positions for the user to select or modify. When satisfied, the new luminaire positions and calculated results are placed into the Revit view of choice, completing the lighting design process.

The Layout Assistant is unique in that it is the first estimator to be able to accurately work with Rooms or Spaces of any shape. Previous estimating software has been restricted to rectangular shapes. Revit users with ElumTools can now intelligently place their luminaires with confidence the first time saving precious time in the design process.


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