UltraLights Introduces Highly-Modifiable Architectural Lighting: Boks

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Inspired by the ambient glow from indirect lighting, one sketch of a ring sconce developed into the mindfully modern line of Boks pendants and sconces. Built with artistic appeal in mind, this collection is easily modifiable for architectural installations of light. The centerpiece of the sconces can be placed anywhere within the frame for a lighting experience that’s uniquely yours.  

Manufactured in America and built to order, the versatile Boks collection is ideal for hotel, restaurant, and residential design.

Boks 22478-14 (Black) Boks translates from Danish to, well, “box” — an ideal meaning for a collection of decorative pendants and ADA-rated corridor sconces, packing light from within to create a beautiful glow. Available in 3 sizes.  

Boks 22477-18 (Left - 14”, Right - 18”) This ring sconce illuminates with a beautiful halo of light. Shown in our signature Satin Pewter powder coat finish.  

Boks 22480 (Dark Iron), Boks 22479 (New Brass) These streamlined ring pendants are designed with interior and top acrylic diffusers to create an ambient glow. A perfect addition to the Boks collection, for design continuity from wall to ceiling.  

Design from light with the UltraLights Boks Collection.  

About UltraLights

Founded in 1988, UltraLights creates American-made decorative lighting with timeless designs and expert craftsmanship. Each fixture is built to order, enabling easy modification to meet the customer’s needs. Driven by a relentless refinement of their craft and a company-wide commitment to personal service, UltraLights gets to The Heart of Illumination to help customers achieve their lighting goals. For additional information, please visit ultralightslighting.com.

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