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Solo is a collection of sleek and simple contemporary pendants and sconces. Inspired by minimalist design, Solo strikes a balance between bold and understated. Exposed bulbs combine with strong lines to produce a refined industrial aesthetic with dynamic light and shadow. Solo is designed for commercial, hospitality, and residential applications.

Manufactured in America and built to order, the Solo collection suits a range of aesthetics and design styles.

Solo 23507 (New Brass) Available in 2 sizes: 10” and 14”. This sconce’s dynamic angles reflect highlights and cast a unique shadow. 10” shown here.

Solo 23508 (New Brass) Available in 2 sizes: 10” and 14”. The softly curved bowl has subtle striations. 12” shown here.

Solo 23509 (Satin Pewter) Available in 2 sizes: 8” and 12”. The ring detailing on this disc sconce captures the light to create a visual frame. 12” shown here.

Solo 23510 (New Brass) Available in 2 sizes: 10” and 14”. The exposed bulb on this cable-hung pendant creates a bright, yet soft light. 14” Shown here.

Solo 23511 (White) Available in 2 sizes: 8” and 12”. The softly curved bowl and large exposed bulb creates a charming silhouette. 12” Shown here.

Solo 23512 (Black) Available in 2 sizes: 8” and 12”. Simple lines and subtle details create a sconce that fits a range of aesthetics. 12” Shown here.

Solo 23513 (Black) Available in 3 sizes: 12”, 18”, and 24”. These cable-hung pendants are attractive in clusters or individually.

Solo 23514 (Cast Bronze) Available in 3 sizes: 12”, 18”, and 24”. Recessed lamps create a bright, indirect light. Shown in 12” (Cast Bronze) and 24” (Satin Pewter).

Solo 23516 (New Brass) The cluster’s lamps highlight the separate tubes to accentuate the metal finish.

Solo 23515 (New Brass) Exposed bulbs create dynamic highlights on the surrounding pieces of this cluster pendant.

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