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20915 Sussex Highway
Seaford, DE 19973-5692

About NoUVIR Lighting

For 25 years, pure-white, stone-cold, zero UV, zero IR fiber optic lighting from NoUVIR has extended the exhibit life of our nations most valuable treasures by 20 to 100 times.

• Perfect aim
• Perfect color (100CRI)
• Perfect focus (Adjustable 5° to 50° beams)
• Perfect artifact safety
• Awesome 10-year warranty

If it's rare... if it's valuable... if it's important... it's either lit with NoUVIR or it needs to be!

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Products by NoUVIR Lighting

By NoUVIR Lighting

The NoUVIR PARA-FOL™ Flood is a small (3/8” diameter) fiber optic luminaire with a high-tech, black parabolic reflector. A fully adjustable (36° to 72°) beam with virtually no scatter, spill or visible high-angle light makes the PARA-FOL an exquisite, easily hidden downlight. Read more »

By NoUVIR Lighting

The NoUVIR MICRO-FOL Spotlight couples the black parabolic reflector of a PARA-FOL™ with a patented lens designed specifically for a fiber optic source. The result is an awesome miniature (1/2” diameter) pure-white, stone-cold, fiber optic luminaire that easily adjusts from a 15° spotlight to a... Read more »

By NoUVIR Lighting

A larger lens and housing (1-5/8” diameter) allows the NoUVIR ULTRA-FOL fiber optic luminaire to adjust from 50° down to a true 5° beam for tight focus or long throw applications. All of the light is in the controlled beam with no scatter, spill or chromatic aberration. An aimable version... Read more »

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