Alloy LED Expands its Amp Champ Family of LED Tape Light Connectors

Press Release from Alloy LED

EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Amp Champ family of connectors was designed from the ground up by Alloy LED. Connectors are an essential, yet often overlooked part of any installation. The Amp Champ family was created to solve common problems such as slippage and loosening of connections over time, high-amp installations where a high-amp connector is essential, as well as installations with limited space constraints.

Alloy LED is excited to release the newest member of The Amp Champ family, The Amp Champ Corner Connector. This specialized connector was developed by our engineering team in response to customer requests for an easier, more efficient way of connecting tape light at corners. It is intended to be used in installations with tight turns like toe kicks, cabinets, and coves.

"The lighting industry was ripe for a high-quality, safe, compact, and tight connector that could get into corners with precision and ease, handle high-current applications, and stay connected no matter what. The Amp Champ family of connectors has already reduced our technical call volume due to its consistency and ability to solve problems that other connectors can't," said Alloy LED's President, Joe Flynn.

The Amp Champ™ Corner Connector was designed and engineered to enable connections made at 90 degree turns with dry location tape lights.

This corner connector:

  • Provides a clean, compact installation
  • Creates a continuous run without the extra lead wire
  • Is an excellent component for toe kicks, coves, L-shaped cabinets and other installations with tight turns
  • Handles high-current applications through the use of premium conductor components

Due to the high-quality and success of our Amp Champ Connectors, Alloy LED is committed to the expansion of the Amp Champ Family of LED tape connectors. We look forward to providing our customers with more innovative products later this year.

Alloy LED is a brand that designs, develops, and distributes high-quality lighting products for some of today's most well-designed residences, facilities, stores, arenas, and offices. Alloy LED is a name delivering unparalleled quality, service, support, and innovations.


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