Products in the Commercial Lighting Source Guide

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  • Echo® Performance Cove™ By SPI Lighting

    Engineered for optimal efficiency, Echo Performance Cove’s premium reflectors and multiple optical distributions provide performance level cove lighting. Designed for optimal efficiency, Cove delivers substantial illumination creating an aesthetic interior design element. The versatility of... Read More
  • Echo® Reflections™ By SPI Lighting

    This unique industry-leading offering features three distinct optical systems incorporated into a single form. Echo Reflections’ built-in cutoff shield guarantees consistent fixture aiming in both interior and exterior applications. Wall, ceiling, pendant and semi-recessed versions create a... Read More
  • Echo® Round™ By SPI Lighting

    The original Echo, Round is a complete fixture family. Available in all Echo lamping sizes, it is able to meet project demands of any scale. Fluorescent, HID and tungsten halogen lampings, up to 1000 watt metal halide, used in conjunction with three premium optical distributions deliver... Read More
  • Echo® Velocity™ By SPI Lighting

    This organically shaped luminaire family combines a variety of options with three distinct light distributions created with premium reflectors. Offered in the 3.5, 6.0 and 9.0 lamping sizes, with various lamping options in interior and exterior versions, Velocity allows continuity throughout... Read More
  • Eclipse By ACDC

    Eclipse is a mirco IP68 floor or wall recess luminaire, which is increcibly compact and neat. The specially designed eyelid has been developed to maximise the light output of the fitting, while significantly reducing the glare. A smooth eyelid design along with a flanged bezel finish are... Read More
  • Eclipse LED By Luminis

    Eclipse LED by Luminis One of the first truly architecturally designed LED luminaire for site lighting. Superior heat management through a uniquely designed heat-dissipating LED module. Eclipse offers an architectural LED solutions for site lighting. Available in various mounting... Read More
  • ECO PLUS PAR 20, 30, 30LN & 38 By Ushio America, Inc.

    USHIO’s Halogen/Xenon ECO PLUS PAR lamps deliver brilliant, white light that is ideal for hospitality and retail environments. ECO PLUS PAR lamps take traditional PAR lamps to a new level, providing up to 30% energy savings while delivering excellent color rendering properties (100 CRI) for very... Read More
  • Eco2B™ LED Fluorescent Replacement Tube Light By E-Lite OptoTech

    E-Lite Eco2B™ LED tube lights are designed to be the direct replacement for toxic fluorescent tube lights. With high brightness Epistar 3528 SMD chip and superior heat management design, Eco2BTM LED tube offers maximum light output and extremely long service life. Eco2B™ series LED tube light... Read More
  • Eco-Bay By Nicor Lighting

    Eco-friendly and economical. The Eco bay is your alternative for a tight budget but still wanting a top quality fixture. Read More
  • ECOdrive DC By eldoLED America

    ECOdrive is a highly integrated, UL Class 2-compatible, easy-to-configure constant current LED driver for high-brightness, indoor LED lighting applications. ECOdrive can be integrated in a DMX network or used as standalone device. ShowMaster, supported on all eldoLED drivers, allows you to... Read More
  • Ecos LED By Gotham® Architectural Lighting

    Ecos high-performance LED recessed lighting delivers the planet-friendly, cost-saving benefits of LED technology while enhancing visual comfort and the aesthetic quality of a modern “quiet” ceiling. The integrated family of downlights, wallwash and emergency lighting allows you to meet a broad... Read More
  • Edge Lit LED Flat Panels By LED One Distribution, Inc

    LED One Distribution's Edge Lit LED Flat Panels are ideal energy-efficient replacements for fluorescent fixtures in offices, schools, hospitals, healthcare and other commercial and industrial applications that require a two inch or less installation depth. Available in 1'x4', 2'x2', and 2'x4'.... Read More
  • Electra By ACDC

    Electra has been designed as a totally flexible and compact adjustable downlight. Made from high quality solid aluminium housings and available in a range of finishes, it remains shallow and compact and can be used for wall washing, as a ceiling mounted downlight or for display and cabinet... Read More
  • Electronic Ballasts for T5HO Linear Fluorescent Lamps By Ultrasave Lighting Ltd

    Ultrasave’s electronic ballasts for T5HO linear fluorescent lamps offer proven performance, reliability, flexibility and energy savings. The ballasts feature rapid start ignition, prolonging lamp life in frequent on-off applications and multiple voltage technology. At a 90°C case temperature... Read More
  • Electronic LED Drivers By PowerSelect Inc.

    PowerSelect Low Voltage Electronic LED Drivers designed for use in low voltage landscape lighting applications. These LED drivers are designed to fit within 0.5" ID tube as well as a variety of other applications. Read More
  • Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts By SEBCO Industries, Inc.

    SEBCO supplies a wide variety of Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts. The wattage options can be found in the drop down menu underneath "Ballast." Read More
  • Elevations By Gotham® Architectural Lighting

    Gotham's Elevations family includes performance pendants scaled for expansive architectural environments with higher mounting heights. Like other Elevations pendants, these luminaires are highly configurable, allowing you to meet critical illumination and energy management requirements while... Read More
  • ELite-LED By Hera Lighting

    The Elite-LED is the perfect solution for new installation where lower upfront costs are required. It features an integrated electronic driver and connection system for easy installation. The Elite-LED uses half the energy of T5 fluorescents with the same brightness and more that twice the... Read More
  • ElumTools By Lighting Analysts Inc

    Calculate and integrate your lighting results with your Revit projects! No export or import, you can do everything inside Revit with ElumTools™. The incredibly easy workflow will make your interior lighting a snap! ElumTools™ is the first fully integrated lighting analysis Add-in for Autodesk®... Read More
  • Ely Desk Lamp By Conant Metal & Light, Inc.

    A repurposed fixture that features a flexible gooseneck and a vintage insulator shade. It stands 17" tall by 8" in diameter, accepts one 53 watt 12 volt MR8 bi-pin bulb, and is finished in steel black. For more information go to:... Read More
  • ELYRTD3SR By Energetic Lighting

    Overview: Energetic Lighting’s ELYRTD3SR LED retrofit troffer kit is a low cost, time-saving alternative to complete fixture replacement for customers looking to upgrade their existing fluorescent luminaires with today’s innovative and energy saving LED solutions. Access above the drop ceiling... Read More

    The Patriot LED Exit light is an ideal emergency exit marking solution for all locations. Our exit lights are backed with our industry-leading 100,000-hour rated lamp life and 5 years to 10-year warranty. Contact us for pricing or more information. Read More
  • Emergency Lighting Products By IOTA Engineering

    IOTA's fluorescent emergency ballasts operate both linear and compact lamps for 90 minutes as required by the NEC and Life Safety Code. A versatile selection of battery pack options deliver compatibility with most any fluorescent lamp type, fixture configuration, or facility application, such as... Read More
  • Empire Ceiling Mounted Fixture By PLC Lighting

    Model - 81632-PC Lamp - 15 x 20W - 12V - G4 (included) Finish - Polished Chrome Glass - Asfour Handcut Crystal Beads Width - 24" Height - 16" Net Weight - 18 lbs. Read More
  • Enclosed 10 Amp SPDT Relays By Hubbell Building Automation, Inc.

    Hubbell Building Automation’s Enclosed 10 Amp SPDT Relays from Functional Devices, Inc. provide an isolated N.O. / N.C. contact that can be used to integrate low voltage sensors to other building automation systems. The coil contained in these relays can be powered by more than one voltage. An... Read More
  • Entablature LED By Kim Lighting

    The Entablature® has been created as the “chameleon” of rectilinear luminaires. It can be whatever the specifier wants it to be; a contemporary box luminaire reflecting the latest in industrial design, or an intriguing extension of the surrounding architecture. Read More
  • Era Acorn LED By Kim Lighting

    Era® Acorn retains the classic acorn-shaped enclosure, but in a clear material that allows full optical performance with very low brightness. Era Acorn offers true modern-day performance in a classic luminaire configuration. Era Acorn LED Type 3 and Type 5 (5100K) is DLC approved. Read More
  • Era Bell LED By Kim Lighting

    Era® Bell utilizes a flat glass lens for full cutoff performance, satisfying the most demanding light control specifications. Era Bell provides true modern-day performance in a classic luminaire housing. Era Bell LED Type 3 and Type 5 (5100K) is DLC approved. Read More
  • Era Lantern LED By Kim Lighting

    Era® Lantern is an extensive family of customizable high performance pole or wall mounted heritage luminaires for roadway, landscape, and area site lighting projects. Read More
  • Era LED Series By Kim Lighting

    Era® is a transitionally styled luminaire that complements both traditional and contemporary architecture. Available with Kim's exclusive MicroEmitter® LED technology. Era LED Type 3 and Type 5 (5100K) is DLC approved. Read More
  • Ergo LED Wall Sconce By Prudential Lighting

    Prudential Lighting is pleased to introduce Ergo, a sleek and minimal LED wall sconce designed to solve a couple of problems in the healthcare market. Medical facilities have traditionally been cold, sterile environments. Recent interest in designing more inviting, healing environments has led... Read More
  • ERIKA By Birchwood Lighting

    Horizontally cable-suspended, ERIKA’s lean and modern design can be specified in either square or rectangular shapes constructed of 1.25", 2.25" or 3.25” mitered extruded aluminum. Extruded acrylic lenses deliver Direct (Flush lens) or Diffused (Tri-side lens) illumination, while integral... Read More
  • Essentia LED Recessed Downlights By Cree

    Cree Essentia® LED architectural downlights achieve breakthrough performance and efficiency, delivering up to 5000lm of highly controlled light. Available in several color temperatures with up to 90 CRI, Essentia downlights have spectacular color consistency with 50,000-hour lifetimes and low... Read More
  • EssentialLEDs LED Light Panel By Visual Lighting Technologies

    EssentialLEDs LED Light Panel is a highly customizable lighting product that consists of LED modules placed on a lightweight expanded PVC substrate, then protected by a slightly diffuse Lexan cover. Installation methods include wall-mount using drilled through-holes, or combined with T-Bar or... Read More
  • Evolution By ACDC

    Evolution by ACDC is an LED based architectural recessed downlight designed and manufactured by ACDC for the professional lighting specifier. The product takes LED's to the next level, finally providing a power output which competes with more conventional light sources, offering light outputs... Read More
  • EXIT & EMERGENCY LIGHTING By Legion Lighting Co. Inc.

    Select from a extensive line of Exit and Emergency Lighting fixtures to fit all of your needs, as well as built in emergency lighting systems for our fluorescent fixtures. This unique safety concept converts individual units into independent emergency lights when failure occurs in normal power... Read More
  • Exit Signs & Emergency By Kenall Lighting

    Kenall’s emergency lighting and signage products are rugged and NFPA approved. Millenium Metrex™ is a best-in-class high abuse exit product combining state-of-the-art LED technology, advanced optical performance, and durability in a visually pleasing package. SimpleSeal™ recessed exit signs are... Read More
  • Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures By Patriot LED

    Patriot LED offers a cutting edge line of LED explosion proof lighting fixtures that include durable copper-free aluminum frames with powdered epoxy finish, tempered glass and corrosion resistant stainless steel, with heat sink technology that dissipates thermal buildup for increased efficiency... Read More