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  • Painting and Optic Cutting By A.L.P.

    In addition to painting facilities and optic cutting, A.L.P. offers a range of capabilities at its Charlevoix, MI, facility. From manufacturing to distribution, A.L.P. Lighting has multiple locations designed to work together to fulfill your product requirements. A.L.P. manufactures,... Read More
  • Papillon By Studio-AT

  • PARA-FOL™ Parabolic Flood Luminaires By NoUVIR Lighting

    The NoUVIR PARA-FOL™ Flood is a small (3/8” diameter) fiber optic luminaire with a high-tech, black parabolic reflector. A fully adjustable (36° to 72°) beam with virtually no scatter, spill or visible high-angle light makes the PARA-FOL an exquisite, easily hidden downlight. Read More
  • Paramount Product Finder for Specialized LED, Fluorescent, & HID Products By Paramount Industries

    A surface mount, fluorescent luminaire constructed of 20GA (.036) zinc coated steel for unmatched corrosion protection. Featuring a double channel, one welded inside the other, with space between the channel sides to capture the diffuser. Threaded hubs are continuously welded into the channel... Read More
  • Paramount Specialized Lighting Product Videos By Paramount Industries

    Learn about Paramount Industries, Inc. Since 1947, Paramount Industries, Inc. has been supplying lighting products for customers all over the world. Choose Paramount's LED or fluorescent lighting products to illuminate applications such as: • UL/CUL Listed Wet Location • NSF Certified Food... Read More
  • PARATA 700 Series Color Changing LED Flood By Winona Lighting

    PARATA 700 Series color changing flood luminaires create vibrant color-changing effects for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Elegant in form yet ruggedly constructed, the die-cast aluminum housing and supply base offer heat management and ease of maintainability. Performance is... Read More
  • Parking Lot/garage Lighting By Magnaray® International

    Magnaray’s variety of luminaires that use LED or fluorescent sources, and can provide a wide variety of parking lot lighting applications for shopping centers, malls, businesses, hospitals, apartment complexes, multifamily complexes, auto dealerships, industrial parks, airports, airport ramps,... Read More
  • Parkway Square By Architectural Area Lighting

    The Parkway Square family of outdoor luminaires from Architectural Area Lighting harmoniously combine the ultimate in style with technological sophistication. The family is scaled in two sizes of pole or arm mounted luminaires plus a matching bollard and wall sconce. All feature unique... Read More
  • Parkway Square Sconce By Architectural Area Lighting

    The Parkway Square® wall sconce is a beautiful addition to both interior and exterior spaces. It is available in two scales for different mounting heights and can be mounted on a wall or column. Light distributions include up, down and up/down with a wide beam spread or narrow spot. The lamping... Read More
  • Passive Infrared Ceiling Sensor for Hallway Applications By Hubbell Building Automation, Inc.

    The PIR1000H uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to turn lighting on and off based on occupancy. Designed specifically for hallway applications, the PIR1000H provides 16’x80’ linear feet of coverage when mounted at 10’. The PIR1000H features a user adjustable time delay of 30 seconds to 30... Read More
  • Path / Step Lighting By Vision3 Lighting

    Vision3 Lighting manufactures the highest quality landscape and exterior architectural lighting products for the specification-grade lighting industry. All of our products are manufactured at our bronze casting foundry, CNC machining division and painting and assembly facilities located in the... Read More
  • Path Lite LED By Hunza Lighting USA

    LED lighting is rapidly becoming the lighting design of choice, due to its superior energy efficiency, exceptionally long life span, and improved safety. At Hunza, we provide a wide range of LED options for quality outdoor landscape lighting. The Euro Path Lite LED accentuates style and... Read More
  • Patio Lighting By Magnaray® International

    Patio Lighting Applications: -Outdoor Porch, Ceiling and Walkway Lighting -Floodlighting – Homes, Offices, Shopping Centers -Security Lighting – Apartments, Condos, Marinas -Even Illumination of Long Driveways, Parking Areas Read More

    The PATRIOT DIRECT/INDIRECT PANEL is a low profile ceiling grid and display LED solution with light distribution both upward to the ceiling and downward. Our Patriot LED DIRECT/INDIRECT PANELS are backed with our industry-leading more than 100,000-hour rated lamp life and 10-year warranty. See... Read More

    This Patriot LED High Bay is a brand new replacement solution for fluorescent linear high bay in warehouses, garage locations and any other commercial and industrial applications. Our LED high bay lights are backed with our industry-leading 100,000-hour rated lamp life and 10-year warranty. See... Read More

    The PATRIOT T5 EXTERNAL w/ external driver system replace traditional T5 systems. One driver for 1, 2, 3 or 4 LED tubes available. Applications • Office • Healthcare • Commercial • Industrial • Airport • Conference Room • Education • Government • Showroom • Hotel Read More
  • Pelle By Mondoluz

    Pelle table lamp Read More
  • Pendant Lighting By ILEX Architectural Lighting

    Norwell Lighting and Accessories produces high-quality, solid brass pendant lighting fixtures to complement any interior space. The diversity of its pendant styles range from historic reproductions to clean, contemporary designs, and include: the Windsor pendant with stepped glass, available in... Read More
  • Pendants By Alico Lighting

    Pendant lighting fixtures from Alico Industries are designed to add life and depth to any interior space. They can create a mood in any corner of a home, define focal points such as a kitchen island or bathroom vanity, and illuminate long, high corridors. Click on the link to see more than 100... Read More
  • Pendants By WAC Lighting Co.

    WAC Lighting stocks hundreds of different styles of pendant lighting that come in a wide array of shapes, colors, finishes, mounting options, and hand-blown glass designs. The company's pendant product lines include: dwelLED LED pendants (Elliptic, Flair, Kiss, Lolli, Niveous and Rocket styles);... Read More
  • Pendants and Ceiling-Mount Lanterns By Authentic Designs

    Pendants and ceiling-mount lanterns from Authentic Designs include the Beattie Barn Light pendant, available in 12", 16", and 20" diameter sizes. The company also offers a wide selection of hanging lanterns based on Early American and Colonial-era designs. All come with two feet of chain and... Read More

    The classic American streetlight now uniquely configured with state of the art PENNSTAR® LED technology. The ALKAID tower sets a new standard for today traditional style acorn styled luminaires. Engineered arrays of 8 or 10, coupled with a high performance prismatic optic deliver uniform... Read More

    The original American gaslight by The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co., now uniquely configured with state of the art PENNSTAR® LED technology. The concealed horizontal LED array and reflector system produces highly uniform light levels and a low glare rating which together result in exceptional... Read More
  • PENNSTAR® PAVO By PennGlobe

    The timeless American street lantern now specifically engineered with state of the art PENNSTAR® PAVO INDUCTION technology. The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. introduces the PAVO system providing up to 100,000 hours maintenance free and instant on illumination with no warm up time required.... Read More

    The historic American gaslight by The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co., now uniquely configured with state of the art PENNTROL® technology. The patented concealed horizontal reflector system produces exceptional cut off light levels which results in high performance and visual comfort. Featured... Read More
  • Petal Light Pendant By Ayre Architectural Lighting

    Single and Triple light pendants. The Petal is an organic interplay of wit and whimsy; a delicate exercise in solid brass and attention to detail. It is easily customized to hold the glass of your choice. In polished nickel, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze with shiny opal glass... Read More
  • PGL7 LED Parking Structure Lighting By Kim Lighting

    PGL7 LED, the newest innovation in parking structure, offers multi-distributions that allow light to be directed where it is needed. The future of parking structure and low mounting height lighting solutions is here. Type I and Type V, 5100K are DLC approved. Read More
  • Pharos LPC Control Systems By GVA Lighting, Inc.

    Pharos offers control solutions for entertainment and LED lighting installations. The Pharos LPC controller supports DMX and DALI color mixing fixtures and conventional dimmable fixtures. It outputs to DMX and a range of Ethernet control protocols. The LPC can be programmed and simulated on a PC... Read More
  • Photocell Controller (DLCPCC) By Hubbell Building Automation, Inc.

    Hubbell Building Automation’s DLCPCC is the ideal system for providing indoor, outdoor, or skylight control of lighting circuits based on natural daylight. The DLCPCC lighting controller automatically switches a dry contact in response to changes in natural daylight. The DLCPCC provides a... Read More
  • Photometric Toolbox By Lighting Analysts Inc

    The Photometric Toolbox software (PTB) creates, edits, repairs, reports, compares and converts luminaire photometric data in IES, CIBSE or EULUMDAT formats. Specifiers use PTB to compare performance characteristics of similar luminaires, create iso-illuminance templates and visualize light... Read More
  • Piazza Track Lighting By LF Illumination LLC

    The PIAZZA Track Head is a flat, square-shaped LED fixture with either a 21W LED array on the small head or 46W LED array on the large version. The flat head is adjustable from 0° to 90° tilt with 360°+ of rotation. The head design incorporates an integral heat sink along the back side. Read More
  • PICOLO By Axis Lighting Inc.

    PICOLO offers a softly flared profile with good efficiency and flexible options in a compact and distinctive luminaire. Constructed of extruded aluminum with die-cast end cap and an acrylic diffuser, PICCOLO can provide downlight, uplight, or wall lighting. Optional housing treatments allow... Read More
  • PICOLO MEDIO By Axis Lighting Inc.

    PICOLO MEDIO offers a softly flared profile with good efficiency and flexible options in a compact and distinctive luminaire. Constructed of extruded aluminum with die-cast end cap and an acrylic diffuser, PICCOLO MEDIO can provide shielded downlight or wall washing. Optional housing... Read More
  • Pillar Lite LED By Hunza Lighting USA

    LED lighting is rapidly becoming the design option of choice, due to its superior energy efficiency, exceptionally long life span and safer operating temperature. At Hunza, we offer a wide range of LED options for quality outdoor landscape lighting. The Pillar Lite LED combines style with... Read More
  • Pivotal Series By Mule Lighting

    The Pivotal is the latest generation edge-lit EXIT from the Mule design team. The Pivotal features an integrated and unique pivot system that allows the Pivotal to be installed on the wall, ceiling or sloped surface. Easy to specify, easy to install, the Pivotal is a universal edge-lit EXIT that... Read More
  • PIXI FlatLight By PIXI Lighting

    The PIXI FlatLight luminaire is a brand new, edge-lit LED lighting fixture from PIXI Lighting that provides warm, beautiful, natural light in the form of a completely flat fixture, with an internal power supply, that can be installed on ceilings, walls, or under the counter. Because of its... Read More
  • PL3.5 Path Lights By Auroralight, Inc.

    The PL3.5 series of path lights is a smaller, more simplified version of our HPL “Hybrid” series of LED path lights. It’s size makes it suitable in intimate garden settings or equally charming as a pathway luminaire. Performance characteristics for this diminutive path light are exceptional. Read More
  • PLANO By Axis Lighting Inc.

    PLANO offers comfortable brightness; energy efficiency; sleek, crisp appearance, and a full range of flexible options. PLANO features a flat lens system that attractively divides the luminous opening. A slightly regressed center lens with precisely controlled and high-transmission VL optics™... Read More
  • Plate Retrofit Kits By Global Tech LED LLC

    When converting fixtures to LED that require more than one LED module to match the needed light output, the Global Tech LED Plate Retrofit System is the most customizable and robust option. Each plate is designed for a single fixture and can contain as many LED modules as the fixture size will... Read More
  • Platform Series By A.L.P.

    A.L.P. LexaLite® is pleased to introduce the production versions of its Platform™ Series Models 352 and 210. These heavy commercial/industrial LED fixture kits are suitable for a variety of applications including high bay, low bay, parking and intersection lighting. Kits leverage LexaLite’s... Read More
  • Plexineon Color Series Lighting By iLight Technologies, Inc.

    The award-winning Plexineon Color Series offers seven vibrant colors that are sure to add a dash of visual interest to any design. From the cool and calming blue to the rich, warm glow of amber, each color can dramatically change the ambiance of a design, space, or image. With its slender,... Read More
  • Plexineon White Series Lighting By iLight Technologies, Inc.

    iLight introduces an entirely new way to deliver white light providing unsurpassed even illumination for indirect and direct view applications. No more challenges from complex RGB (a combination of red, green, blue LEDs) technology. No more heat issues or color consistency problems using white... Read More
  • Point Source Emitters By Marktech Optoelectronics

    The Marktech Point Source Emitter series incorporates a specially designed LED die and aperture window to create a precise, unobstructed light output pattern. The key design feature of the Point Source LED die is a wire bond which attaches next to the emission window as opposed to the center of... Read More
  • Pole Mounted Solar Lighting By Solar Electric Power Co. (SEPCO)

    Decorative solar lights are an efficient means to provide lighting and continuous power with no utility lines. They provide cost savings by eliminating the need to trench wires and the recurring cost of power bills after installation. Decorative solar lights have been installed on pathways,... Read More
  • Poles and Mounting Arms By Quattro Lighting

    Quattro manufactures poles and brackets featuring refined lines in retro or present-day styles. Our poles and brackets are designed to satisfy your project requirements, regardless of scope, and can be custom adapted to your tastes and needs. Quattro offers a wide range of pole accessories and... Read More
  • Polia By Axo Light SRL

    Design: Manuel Vivian Reminiscent of the pages of a book moved by the wind, which emit an intense and unexpected light. Sober lines and colours for Polia, the extremely original Axo Light wall light that brings character to living spaces. Polia, whose name is inspired by the nymph that leads... Read More
  • Pool Lite By Hunza Lighting USA

    The Pool Lite is a recessed underwater luminaire designed for installation in swimming pools, fully submersible and tested to an IP68 water protection rating. The stainless steel finish is electro polished for extra corrosion protection and is held into the PVC canister by two 'O' rings. There... Read More
  • Portal Sconce By Boyd Lighting

    Inspired by requests from architects and lighting designers for “non-fixture fixtures” that won’t clutter spare spaces or compete with restrained interiors, Doyle Crosby and a team of in-house designers has developed fixtures that fit the bill. Available in two diameters, the round, in-wall,... Read More
  • Poseidon By Access Lighting Co.

    The Poseidon collection of outdoor fixtures incorporate a resilient saline resistant Marine Grade coating, the series is available in a variety of sizes and LED fluorescent or incandescent lamping options. Read More
  • Post & Finials By Robinson Iron

    The finishing touch! Available in cast bronze, aluminum and iron with anchor rod. Anchor plate and/or tabs may be added. Read More
  • POWERdrive AC By eldoLED America

    POWERdrive AC is a constant current LED driver with multiple LED outputs that are controlled over four channels. It is targeted at larger networked and smaller standalone installations that require dimmable, high-power full-colour static or dynamic LED lighting. POWERdrive AC is DALI, DMX/RDM,... Read More
  • POWERdrive DC By eldoLED America

    POWERdrive DC is a highly integrated and easy-to-configure constant current LED driver with multiple current sources for high-power, indoor LED lighting applications requiring up to 180 watts. POWERdrive DC can be integrated in a network or used as a standalone device. POWERdrive DC is DMX,... Read More
  • Prestina LED Remodelers By Edison Price Lighting

    Presto: our ever-growing family of remodelers. Using LED, quartz halogen, metal halide or incandescent sources, Presto’s under-lapping frame has made it the retrofit choice for all types of ceilings. Trim Flush: our sheet rock reflector trim detail for standard recessed fixtures. Using our... Read More
  • PRIME By Axis Lighting Inc.

    PRIME combines simple, soft lines with high efficiency and flexible options in a compact, attractive luminaire. Constructed of extruded aluminum with die-cast end caps and joiners, PRIME offers a uniformly luminous, attractive linear profile. Pendant, ceiling or wall mounting, as well as a... Read More
  • Prismatic Formed Lenses By A.L.P.

    Prismatic thermoformed lenses These lenses will provide maximum efficiency with excellent lamp obscuration. Available in Hi-Impact acrylic and polycarbonate P12 pattern in/out, and HID acrylic P35 pattern inside finishes. The Series 30 Formed Prismatic Lenses are designed for outdoor... Read More
  • Pro-Evolution By ACDC

    Pro-Evolution is the next generation of recessed downlights from ACDC, delivering 35 watt halogen equivalent in warm white colour temperature, utilising only 10 watts of power. The luminaire is designed as a minimalist ceiling recessed fixture, with fixed, adjustable versions (including... Read More
  • ProFlex LED HO By Specialty Lighting

    The ProFlex HO is an indoor specification grade, low profile LED strip that’s easy to install using its no-tool-required snap connections. This high output version delivers 3.24 watts per foot of light. Strips come in 12″ sections that can be field cut in four inch increments. ProFlex is... Read More
  • ProLED® Lamps By Halco Lighting Technologies

    Halco’s ProLED lamps utilize the latest in technology, featuring high quality Japanese chips and European manufactured optics to ensure overall performance. These energy efficient lamps use high power LED to create replacements for standard halogen lamps and provide longer life, better lumen... Read More
  • PRO-PANEL™ LED Softlight Fixture By Ushio America, Inc.

    USHIO introduces the first two models of professional Solid State LED soft lights for photography, cinematography, and video broadcast. PRO-Panel LED fixtures bring all the benefits of LED lighting such as cool operation, long life, and energy savings, plus high output, flicker free operation to... Read More
  • Protytype responsiveness By Racine Metal-Fab Ltd.

    Our prototype specialists have many years of sheet metal fabrication experience to create a seamless process from prototype to production. • In-house capabilities offer quick project turnaround • Dedicated prototype cell eliminates production interruptions Send us your preliminary designs or... Read More
  • PT5 Transcendent Lighting By Prudential Lighting

    General •One of our smallest profile strip fixtures featuring integral ballast •Dimming ballast and emergency battery compatible. •Optional rugged, zinc-coated wire guard or white acrylic diffuser. •Large variety of reflector options available in either standard solid or... Read More
  • PUCK By Vibia

    Design by Jordi Vilardell. Made in Spain by Vibia. Puck achieves great purity of line and beauty of form. The use of triplex opal blown glass of the highest quality and the white cast aluminum body gives the product a perfect finish. Puck produces warm diffused illumination without shadows or... Read More
  • Pure LED options for Simplicity and Performance By Hunza Lighting USA

    LED lighting is rapidly becoming the design option of choice, due to its superior energy efficiency, exceptionally long life span and safer operating temperature. Hunza offers a comprehensive range of high output LED options for all luminaires except the SafeTouch™ series. They are ideal for... Read More