White Papers for Commercial Lighting and Lighting Design

  • Guide to Selecting a Grow LightBy

    An in-depth guide on selecting the right grow lighting solution for your environemnt.
  • StoreEdits 2019 ReportBy

    Skin Care, Make-Up & Cosmetics
  • Our LED EvolutionBy

    The Littlite LED-3 enables the user to select between three discrete light outputs: Warm (3000K) Daylight (5000K) and Cool (6500K). Littlite LED-3-UV products are selectable between White, Red and UV outputs. Both are available in all of our usual lampset configurations including IS/Installation...
  • Chicago’s 606 Trail Brings Community, Connection to City NeighborhoodsBy

    Challenge: Provide efficacious, energy-efficient, vandal-resistant luminaires to safeguard pedestrians, cyclists and drivers beneath Chicago’s 606 (Bloomingdale) Trail.
  • Case Study: Parking Garage Retrofit | State of ArizonaBy

    The State of Arizona’s Property Management Company, Opus West wanted to solve a maintenance and lighting problem for some of their parking garages, and called Phoenix lighting distributor Hart Lighting for assistance. Mike Donahue, Hart’s President contacted Magnaray®’s local sales agent.
  • LED Lights the Way for DesignBy

    Is the light too bright? Do you feel its heat? Are the light fixtures so large they defeat the overall design of the space? Not likely if LED lights are installed in place of traditional light sources. LED, the latest technology in energy efficient lighting stands for Light Emitting Diode – a...
  • Lighting Technologies, Principle, and MeasurementBy

    The proper measurement of light is a precise and complex science. The first step in correctly measuring light is to understand the basics: Color-Rendering Properties, Color Temperature, Light Distribution, Total Luminous Flux and Mura. This white paper provides a brief explanation of each...
  • Selection Guide - General LED LightingBy

    Unique on the international scene,Khatod specifies and develops the entire product process 100% in-house, Milano,Italy. All the operations are held on site. A full optical service –from project to object- encompassing all the product development processes based on the latest in...